Introducing Nami Hampe the muse behind NEUFOUND® Eyewear’s SS21 range. Every bit the chic Frenchwoman, Nami perfectly embodies the NEUFOUND spirit — both Effortlessly stylish and elegant.

It was immediately evident when we engaged Nami that she was able to help us capture the vibe we were after for the  SS21 campaign. With an extensive modelling background, working with many international brands ere and abroad, she was the percent choice to release the 21 range.

Together with photographer Rach Dobbs and Nami’s partner John, we were able to nail every look perfectly with the most amazing backdrop and evening light.  Thanks Nami and Rach!

But there is also something else you may not know about Nami, she is passionate  about the empowerment of women! An accomplished photographer herself, she has an amazing business @namicreates — capturing stunning imagery which juxtaposes her female subjects against natural and beautiful  landscapes set around Raglan New Zealand. Check it out here.

We caught up with Nami to ask some questions about what gets her up in the morning.



What does a typical day consist of for you Nami? I usually get up and start my day with a cup of tea (earl grey, oat milk and lots of honey) I then head out for my sunrise shoot, I shoot 3-5 per week. I then like to exercise usually this consists of Piltes or HIIT sessions. Then back home for admin, marketing and editing work. If I don't shoot in the evenings I like to spend my days reading, at the beach in summer or creating creative content with my girlfriends and boyfriend and my weekends are for adventures. 


How long have you been modelling for and what is your favourite type of shoot? I have been modelling for over 15+ years, my favourite shoots are those where I can work with creatives that are open minded and fun. Where I can have my own creative input and am able to express myself. I love to work with smaller brands that are able to create their own vision without too many regulations. 


Do you see parallels between working as a model and creating as a photographer? Absolutely, I think being in front of the camera for so many years really helped me to create a safe environment in front of the camera, I understand lighting and angles well and can share these tips with my models. 



What inspired you to start photography and when did you start? I have been a photographer for the past ten years but Nami Creative started around 14 months ago. Women Photography is something more than just taking photos, it is an experience I offer where we empower each other along the way. 


What's up with your love of helping other women find their true essence? I get women of all walks of life join me for my adventures. ethnicities, ages and shapes all vary. My shoots help to assist women in their growth and their journey of finding themselves and live in alignment with their higher self. It is a beautiful thing to witness. When we love ourselves we are able to give that love back freely to everyone else around us, it always starts with ourselves. To be part of this journey is huge and I am hooked.



What is the most rewarding thing about your work? Seeing women come out of their shells during the photoshoot and their reaction when they see their photos. It is so rewarding to be able to make someone feel beautiful, seen and valid. If you have the ability through your work to touch someone's life like that then I think it's your duty to not hide your talent and magic. 

Thanks Nami ✌️