NEUFOUND® Eyewear is found at select boutiques and online. Our frames are handcrafted for sun-seekers who share our appreciation of premium and sustainable materials.

Petroleum Free

Our acetates are petroleum free and don't contain nasties like cheap plastic sunglasses do. Better for you, better for the environment.


"I really love my sunnies!! Such a good quality with a unique frame. I was really surprised how many glasses I felt suited me. lots of different styles I wouldn't usually like but absolutely loved the Neufound ones."


"Awesome sunnies and outstanding customer service. Will be back for more you can count on it!"


"Totally love my Neufound Audrey sunnies, love the shape and the color. I wear my sunnies for most of the day and these are so comfortable. Was easy to get my prescription in and can’t wait to get another pair. Excellent customer service"


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