Neufound Eyewear has proudly collaborated with Eastman to introduce an innovative leap in sustainable lenses within our Costa Polished Black collection for 2024. Our commitment to sustainability is further highlighted through the use of acetate renew material, marking this collection as our most environmentally conscious frames to date.

Benefiting from years of dedicated research and development, Eastman presents an impressive selection of high-performance sustainable lenses that align seamlessly with our customers' expectations for clarity and quality in sun lenses.

Eastman Tritan™ Renew provides the sustainability you need without sacrificing the quality you and your customers have come to expect. Tritan Renew is powered by revolutionary recycling technology that transforms single-use plastic waste into durable materials, offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


Key Features of Tritan Renew:

  • Proven Toughness and Safety: Tritan Renew maintains the robustness and safety standards you've come to trust, now revitalized through Eastman's innovative recycling technologies.
  • Revolutionary Recycling Process: Enabled by a unique process, Tritan Renew breaks down waste plastic into its fundamental chemical components, allowing for continuous recycling and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Performance and Safety: Tritan Renew delivers the same level of performance and safety as virgin materials, supporting your sustainability objectives without compromising function or aesthetics.
  • Reduced Plastic Waste: By incorporating Tritan Renew, you contribute to reducing plastic entering the waste stream, promoting a circular economy without sacrificing quality.
  • High Recycled Content: Tritan Renew proudly boasts up to 50% certified recycled content, providing a tangible and compelling sustainability narrative for your brand messaging.

Welcoming in the new year for 2024, we are excited to bring our customers not only stylish and durable eyewear but also a sustainable choice that aligns with our values and our collective commitment to a greener future.