We're stoked to have local surfer and all round good guy Callum Chuter onboard here at Neufound as an ambassador – He's an extra good sport and even jumps in for the odd shoot when required! As a recently new Dad, busy parenting and also flying planes (yep you heard that right!), he doesn't get a lot of time. So his lovely partner Chloe, gave us this bio... Congrats on the new addition guys!!

Callum grew up in the sunny Bay of Plenty in Tauranga and found his love for surfing at the age of 9. Quickly turning his love into a competitive passion, he later moved to Raglan to attend the surfing academy throughout his last 3 years of school.

At the age of 15 Callum's competitive surfing shot to new heights and surfing sponsors started flooding in including brands such as Backdoor, Sticky Johnson and Ripcurl. Callum travelled to the 2015 Vissla ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in California as the captain of the NZ surfing team and then onto Samoa for the Open mens oceania champs.

Callum’s favourite waves are hollow, punchy beach breaks. He can often be found cutting loose out in the lineup of his local beach at Mount Maunganui or over at Matakana Island's more hollow break.

After school he discovered his interest in flying, after going on a few trail flights he found a new passion and knew he wanted to make a career out of flying. Fast forward a few years and Callum currently works for Air New Zealand flying out of Tauranga after a short stint with Barrier Air in Auckland.

The future for Callum is very bright (at least he's got some shades to match!) and is to hopefully fly for a larger commercial airline and travel the world finding the best waves, with his partner Chloe and daughter Poppy.